General Product Information


This store uses a grading scale of 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest) to determine the quality and condition of products. Below is a table of grades and explanations of how grades are generally assigned to opened action figures, vehicles, accessories and paperwork. A similar scheme will be applied to grading sealed items.

Regarding the presence of stickers or decals on toys, descriptions may not mention applied stickers if they do not in any way detract from the physical features or overall condition of the product. If you are concerned about the presence of stickers on a toy or accessory, please inquire.

Similarly, screws and such are not usually considered when grading, unless their condition in some way physically affects the toy. Remember, small generic parts like screws can be easily replaced. It is not expected non-junker toys will be dismantled, so testing for stripped screws is not performed.

Grade Description

To date, this grade has never been assigned by Robotic Planet and will most likely never be given. It is reserved for an item free of any manufacturer defects and the item was likely surgically removed from the package and placed directly into a storage or display container.


Unused, should be free any potential flaws; truly mint condition.


Similar to the above with the possible exception of a minor problem, such as a light scratch or pin-sized dot of paint missing that may have even occurred during manufacturing.


Item may have some combination of, or one slightly more significant instance of paint wear, scratches, sticker wear, minor loose joints, or some other light sign of aging. Toy was probably played with and shows some signs of this.


Like the above but slightly more significant. Toy has some signs of play wear but are not widespread. Item still looks nice on display.


Good condition but has noticeable flaws when displayed and handled. Has multiple signs of wear. A small part may have broken off, which will be undoubtedly described.


Like above but more extensive wear. Item may still be useful but multiple flaws are obvious.

C6.5 - C1

Many problems, possibly broken. These items will be minimally stocked and have verbose descriptions of problems.


The Robotic Planet Store is still in its infancy and lacks many pictures. If you need a picture please request one using the Contact Us form.

Robotic Planet uses watermark images to guard against theft of copyrighted material. Two types of visible watermarks can be found throughout the website: Images marked as property of Robotic Planet, and ones with an additional "Stock Image" phrase. Items identified with stock images may not be the exact item a buyer receives but will come in equivalent condition. Pictures of original items are available upon request.

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